Do I need health/travel insurance?

A student is allowed to travel to the UK without any insurance but even then it is recommended that each and every student should have health insurance certificate before he/she starts the journey. To say more clearly, the UK Border Agency does not ask for any sort of insurance certificate with the application for student visa but it is very reasonable and sensible to insure your health before you leave for the United Kingdom or any other country in the world.

So if it is not mandatory then why should a student have an insurance proof?

Suppose, unfortunately, a person travelling abroad gets seriously injured while he is all all alone. What would happen to him if he cannot pay for his own treatment because in some countries, treatment could be awfully expensive? Do you think he should come back to his motherland and after getting the treatment should once again move towards his destination? If you think so then you are completely wrong because when he comes back, his visa might get expired and this is the second great loss. What a pity if a person comes back with wounded limbs and broken heart.

If you think the case is serious then you must say that it is better to get insured before leaving ones motherland because the insurance cost you only a few dollars (suppose 100) but it could be of worth more than US$ 50,000.

When you travel to or living in a far-off country you are alone to face any sort of threat. Any sort of casualty may happen to you and there would be no one to help you out. But if you have health insurance then the company that has provided you the insurance certificate would be there to help you and cover up all the costs that are related to your injury without claiming any fee because you have already paid them when you were in your home country.

When you want to receive an insurance certificate that would cost you only a few dollars but when you have received it, believe me that this certificate could be used to cover up to thousands of dollars to treat you in case of any injury. In many cases an injured person would be able to receive up to 30,000 Euro to cover the health expenses. A health insurance certificate is not only valid for travel to but within the country you are going to live in.

It is valid up to some specific duration and that is up to you whether you want to have it for 3/6/12……..months or only for a few weeks.

Not only for UK but you can get an insurance proof for any country of the world.

There are various insurance companies scattered throughout the world, so you can easily visit a branch located in your locality for more information.

Wishing you a safe journey!

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