New English language requirements for UK student visa

As you know that in the TIER-4 points based system that was launched in early 2009, there was nothing mentioned about the English language requirements for UK student visa but now that the rules has been changed and made a bit tougher, the UK government has decided to allow only those students who posses good English language skills.
It means that a student must show good English language skill before coming to the UK. The problem is that no one is exempted and those who are going to study pure science and medical are also have to prove their English language efficiency. However, students on official sponsorship are not mentioned so they are the only exempted creature.
All this means to bring forth only those who are genuine students and are going to UK only to continue their study and nothing more. The UK Border Agency says that the new rules have been imposed to discourage the adults coming to UK for seeking employment in the disguise of students.
In fact, the UK no more needs manpower because after the 9/11 when the USA tightened the immigration rules, the UK started receiving a large number of students from all over the world. Thus almost all of those students contributed to the UK labour market but now the UK needs jobs for its own youth after the world, and so is the UK, has been hit by the global economic crisis.
However, we are here to discuss the language requirements for the UK student visa and nothing more.
So if you are an interested student then you should go for your UK student visa only when you could prove your advance English language skills.
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