Any interview for UK student visa?

The UK Border Agency in the new TIER-4 POINTS BASED SYSTEM, also called points system, has not mentioned interview as one of the basics for UK student visa. So a student does not need to go through any interview for UK student visa.

But the case is not as simple as it sounds to be. The British High Commission abroad may call a student for interview if it is required to make the final decision. This means that the visa officer has the authority to call a student for an interview and ask the questions that has puzzled him/her.

However, to avoid the problems of an interview, a student should apply for visa with a complete application with nothing missing or confusing.

So try to make sure that you provide all the information needed with all the relevant documents to the British High Commission abroad so that the ambassadors might find your case easy to follow and thus you may receive an earlier decision.

Never try to deceive or confuse the ambassadors by providing false information or your visa will be refused. Bear this in mind that if you are failed to provide all the documents needed, you will not be called by the High Commission to complete your set of documents. They will refuse your visa without asking for the completion of documents.

As I have told you that it is the discretionary power of ambassador to call a student for an interview but even at the time of interview a student is not allowed to submit new documents.

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