Should I contact a lawyer if my visa gets refused?

It is not recommended by the UK Border Agency to contact either a lawyer or an educational consultant in any case. But if unfortunately your visa gets refused, The British High Commission will clearly inform you about the reason behind the refusal. So you can check the reason and try to wash it out with proper explanation, if you can.

You should know that when a certain visa gets refused, the case is reviewed by a visa officer within 24 hours and even then if the problem is there, the applicant will receive a written explanation for the refusal decision, from the embassy/high commission. If you are given the right to appeal against the refusal of your visa then you will also receive the notice of appeal for your visa. This notice of appeal means that you are eligible to appeal against the refusal of your visa. This notice contains guidance for the student on “how to appeal against the visa refusal”. More about appeal against visa refusal…..

In some cases there is no right of appeal but even then another option called administrative review is available. It means that you can apply for a review of your application without any fee, but all this must be done within 28 days from the date you receive the refusal notice. More about administrative review…..

So you don’t need to contact any lawyer if you are clever enough to understand and handle all this but if you think you are puzzled and there is no way out then a lawyer may be a good option for you because a lawyer related to immigration is a very competent person and deals this types of problems skillfully. All you have to do is to look for a skilled lawyer and not a fraud, as there may be dozens of sharks pretending to be an expert lawyer. So be cautious in the selection and believe me you will win your visa if all the requirements are fulfilled.

What I personally recommend is that you should go through this site and believe me that you will find all sorts of information so that you can do it by yourself without contacting any educational consultant or lawyer for immigration (immigration lawyer).

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Wishing you best of luck!

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