Bank statement for my UK student visa

To qualify for UK student visa, a student needs to show a personnel bank statement-under the new TIER-4 POINTS-BASED SYSTEM.
This bank statement is required for your student visa application and after your application for your visa you should not touch the amount in your account (until you receive a reply from the embassy) or you will get your visa refused. Remember that the ambassadors may check your bank account up to three times before you are granted a visa. So be serious and do not temper with the account or you will lose the case.

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In a computerized bank statement a student must show funds enough to pay the tuition fee and cover other costs of studies, at least for the first year, in the UK.

In other words, before making an application for UK student visa, the applicant has to demonstrate that he/she can pay the tuition and the maintenance/accommodation fees (for the first year of study in the UK).

The amount a student must show in a bank account depends upon the location of his study and upon the college/university selected. For example if a student is going to study in London then the amount required must be high as compared to other cities in the country, because London is more costly then other parts of the UK.

For the maintenance a student has to show £1000 per month if he/she plans to live in the city of London and £800 per month for any other city in the UK.

The formula is very simple.

For London, £1000 per month + tuition fee = the amount required in the bank account of the student (minus any deposits if paid).

For any other city, £800 per month + tuition fee = the amount required in the bank account of the student (minus any deposits if paid).

This means if a student has paid any tuition fees then he/she need to show (in bank account) only the remaining fees to be paid.

These amounts must be held in a personal bank account of the student for a minimum period of 28 days

The bank statement could be in the name of the student or in the name of a sponsor but to avoid difficulties it is recommended that a student should have the amount in a personnel bank account. Now, under the new system, the good news is that a fresh bank statement is acceptable.

Scholarship holders need no bank statement if the scholarship is enough to cover all costs of study.

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