Study gap or gap years and the UK student visa

We see most of the students are confused about the gap in their study or study gap and are puzzled to think whether they could get the UK student visa or not because they are of the view that these gap years may ruin their visa case.
This was true in past but now it is a good news that the UK Border Agency has started a new UK student visa system called TIER-4 or Points Based system and according to this system the academic qualification for a certain course/programme has to be evaluated by the concerned University or College and the UK Border has noting to do with these things.
More clearly, it is the duty of your academic sponsor to check your documents or eligibility for the course you are applying or not and if he/she issues you an unconditional letter of acceptance/admission then the UK Border Agency will not investigate about the gap in your study while awarding you the UK student visa.
So the study gap or gap years should not affect your UK student visa as per-existing policy of the UK Border Agency. Therefore you should not be worried about your gap years even if your were idle during all this time but it is good to show the experience certificate of your job (if any) during the gap years because thus you can prove that during the gap years your were not involved in any harmful activity and that you were minding your own business.
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  1. I got gap of 10 years unfortunatly i cant provide work experience so do u think that will not affect my visa

  2. Thanks for your guide line its really helpful for me and other.
    you have any idea about visa ratio of now a days because very difficult to get visa of UK .

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  6. Hloo i hv done bsc in 2011 can i apply for uk with 5 years apply for sep 2016

  7. I can show my experience bt to hv apply with my spouce.nd two years kid is it possible

  8. Hi, I did MBA in 2007 and same year I started job that is continued but now I want to do ACCA from UK as it is a professional course and opens better job opportunities. Can I get student visa after almost 9 years gap.


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