What is administrative review?

Administrative review for UK study visa

In case of a study visa, if the application of a student is refused and the student thinks that the visa refusal decision is not fair then there is an option available called administrative review.

More clearly, a student may ask for administrative review if he/she thinks that the decision to refuse the visa is not reasonable.

When a student asks for an administrative review, an entry clearance officer who was not involved in the original decision will review the application and make a decision.

Administrative review is free of charge but request for the administrative review must be made within 28 days from the date the student receives the refusal notice.

A student should not submit new/additional documents for administrative review. An applicant can only apply for one administrative review against the refusal of visa application.

So, before you apply for visa make sure that you provide all documents required for UK study visa so that there is no need for any review.

Note please that the administrative review is a bit different process from appeal against the refusal of visa.

Under the new TIER-4 POINTS-BASED SYSTEM there are limited chances to appeal against the refusal decision of your visa. However a student can ask for administrative review as this is the commonly used and recommended procedure when a visa application is refused.

It is wise to be serious and take some time before making a visa application so that neither appeal nor administrative review is needed.

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