Delay in Administrative review for UK student visa

The UK Border Agency has started the TIER-4 or Points Based System so to make the visa process easier and faster but this system has been widely criticized by the applicants because of the delay in the process of Administrative review for UK visa.

According to the new system, if a student is not satisfied with the visa refusal decision and if he/she thinks that the decision was made in an error then the student has the right to ask for administrative review and get the application checked by the British High Commission once more. But this is not as easy as it seems to be because we have seen students waiting for a long time to get the result of their Administrative review for UK student visa.

The UKBA says that the Commission will either answer the Administrative Review application within 28 days or inform the applicant if it is going to take more time. But sorry to say that all this is not true as there are thousands of students who have applied for the AR and even after months there is no answer from the BHC.

This unfair attitude of the British High Commission waists the precious time of the students and on the other hand it discourages the students so much so that their future plans are vanished forever.

The most shocking news is that this type of treatment is reserved for the students of backward states. This is not fair, so we all request the UKBA to amend such rules and to treat all the students equally whether from undeveloped countries or the developed. But we are hopeful that the UK Border Agency will try to make things better in the future.

Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul;

And sings a tune without a word,

And never stops at all,

Write your experience/opinion in the “Comments” below.


  1. i don't know about that but when i made a follow-up of my admin review request thru email, they answered that they are dealing with an enormous number of admin review requests. to be fair, they are dealing with it in chronological order, first-in-first-out basis, so i guess we'll just have to wait.

    1. can u give me that email id of BHC.plz

  2. hi i wanna know that from where we can check the status of our admin review.or on which official e-mail we can send questions.plz some one help me because i am waiting for my admin review result for more than three months.

    1. der z no source from where v can track our review jst wait for any mail or post

    2. Guys can you tel me 0512069017 is uk embassy number because am waiting about 6 mounts for my administrative review decision.Embassy not give any responce am still waiting ..

    3. do u got ant rply????


  4. Hi, I am in the USA and I was wondering if it would be okay to enter the UK while the AR is taking place in the US. Thanks.

  5. we are FILIPINO NURSES awaiting result of our student visa application being processed at UK Embassy in Taguig, Philippines. we are disappointed with the VERY slow processing wasting our time. why is it taking months? they should be responsible enough to think that we are catching time because if our visa is denied, we could always do some other things. all we do now is wait.... so frustrating.... HELP

  6. in addition to FILIPINO NURSES who are frustrated with how their visa application is slowly and irresponsibly handled in Manila, the UK Embassy in Taguig should coordinate with VFS and advise them to temporarily stop accepting application to address the work load..

    or are they hungry for the fees? shame....

  7. hello my appeal was allowed and i received a call letter from BHC islamabad,then i submitted my documents gerry's islamabd,but unfortunately i have been refused again..and the entry clearnce officer has give the following reason!!

    "i note that you have had a succesful appeal and have now provided a new college visa letter issued by ST; GEORGE's college,however,several attempts have been made by this office to verify the authenticity of visa letters issued by st. GEORGE's college.All such attempts have been unsuccesful as detailed in a documen verification report,As it has not been possible to verify that the visa letter presented geniune,I m not staisfied that you have been accepted for a course of study by st george's therefore do not meet the requirements to be granted entry clearnce and i refuse your application under paragraph 57(i) of the immigration rules...
    guys..kindly advice me that can i re-submit a new addmission having the same call letter?

  8. I have submitted my passport after successful appeal on 08 June 2009. Then on 28 Sep, 2009, I was informed from this telephone no. 051-2012000 that your admission letter has expired, send us a new admission letter urgently by courier on 03 October, 2009 I sent new admission letter through TCS, After this I had sent a lot of emails to the following addresses but no response:





    i have lost my ONE YEAR after appeal approval.

  9. Hi!
    I submitted application for uk visa on 18 Feb 2010 at Karachi and I received refusal on 25 March 2010. I then sent Administrative review request to Abu Dhabi through DHL on 19 April that was recieved on 21 April.

    Now its been more than a month I am stil waiting for UKBA response.

    Please someone advise me their contacting details and what should I do now. As my money is stuck in my bank account and wanna withdraw some protion of it. But I cant do so because of AR.

    Best regards

  10. Hi there,
    I have applied for AR more than 3 monthes ago but got no response yet. My visa was refused due to ACCA registration card. I am very intensed. Can any one help. please

  11. @ above Mehmood..
    If your funds requirements meets the criteria and If they will overturn the decision in your favour so you don;t need you to submit your bank statement again.. They will only ask you to to submit your passport and fresh letter from university.. So don't worry my friend.. Just relax n wait.. Hope for the best..
    Good luck!



  13. @ mehmood
    brother i m waiting for AR decision since 4 months and still no application was refused due to college licence suspention.i sent them many reminders but i know it wont do and i have to wait.when my case was refused,they returned my passport after 6 months and i think that now i m a mentaly sick person and addicted to wait and wait.i realize that its my biggest mistake to go with admin review. a fresh case was an excellent idea


    1. Certainly, you have to provide them a relation evidence that you're the real son of your father and he will take care of your tuition fee and living expenses.

  15. hi....i had applied for my daughters visa in january 2010 from mumbai UK embassy and i got refused because one bank statement was missing.....i appealed against the decision an i had an appeal hearing in may 2010......i received a letter from AIT saying the appeal was successful.....however i havent received any correspondence from the embassy yet ....and its 3 months now.....i called up the mumbai embassy and they said they havent got the copy of the determination from AIT i sent them a copy of my determination and its been 3 weeks now and am still waiting for a response.....any help guys????

    1. yap, ask veena malik for this procedure, she knows very well.

  16. Hi

    I believe that the point-based system(Tier-4
    )are proccessing carelessly and without responsibility.In UK border agency has been said if you meet the requirements your visa will be grated,but this is a lie.The officer refuse your application with illogical reasons.Then you have to wait for the administrative review for a while.Soory but if you dont tolerate the international students,Please dont wast our time and our money.This is unfair.....

  17. Hi
    I am ali from yemen
    we want all of the people around the world to be equal ,even the people from the same country .
    we were thinking about uk is the best country around the worlds and in their eyes and law all of the people are equal.


  18. Hi,

    I was refused entry into the UK sometimes in September 2010, within the same week of my refusal I forwarded an administrative review application to UKBA because there was a gross error in their initial decision.

    As at Friday, November 5, (over 44 days and 31 working days after I forwarded my review), UKBA have NOT replied in any way - either giving their final judgment or apologizing for the delay.

    UKBA is doing a wonderful job in ensuring that not just anybody is allowed into the UK, but for crying out loud they should not take forever to respond to review especially when the error was from them.

    It is apparent that they are taking their time without any form of remorse at the expense of the future: academic and professional career of good people that want to come over to the UK to study.

    Even though statistics have shown the enormous contributions international students have made to the UK economy (in terms of tuition fees and intellectual contribution), they continue to shy away from the truth.

    I believe strongly that there should be a system in place to check the excesses of UKBA or else thousands of people with good intentions will be maltreated continually by UKBA. In my opinion, the schools (universities and colleges) should rise up to this challenge as they also suffer from this act.

    I also feel this is a clarion call to all of us, we must make sure we return to our individual countries after our studies and ensure we develop them so that the next generation will not be running to the UK to study.

    Thank you.

  19. I applied for AR from Nepal and its been around two months but still no answer! God Knows!

  20. hey hi all .i have applied for tier 4 student unfortunetly my VISA gor refuced because my CAs was nt mentioning mandatory ielts results.finally i applied for AR and i got mail frm channai embassy to forward my passport to VFS as my refusal decision has been over turned ......

    1. salam irfan
      same happend with me. MY VISA refuse and after appel my visa is granted and i submit my passport 29/06/12 in mumbai but i m still waiting for get back my passport with visa stamping and my status shows vfs forwerded my application BHC

      what about u didi u get your passport back or not
      my one more then one month

    2. hello mohammed.. am Aparna.. and am from India.. same thing happened with me.. since 2 weeks am waiting for the response.. so within how many days you got reply from chennai embassy... what do you suggest me to wait for the mail or reapply.. as my classes starting from sep 24th.. thanks in advance

  21. Hi my name is Saad and im from Egypt.

    I received my refusal letter last week and i contacted the college and they told me that i should go for admin review.
    i need to know is the AR available only for TIER-4 or Points Based System visa, because i applied for student visitor visa because my courses are 6 months only

  22. Hi Every Body,
    This is Ali From Pakistan.I applied for General Tier 4 Visa But i refused because of Interview.I got 40 points out of 40.I applied for appeal(Administration Review).Please tell me what is the duration(Processing Time) of appeal& chances of granting visa?How i contact them for my appeal.Please tell me soon.
    Best Regards

  23. Please could some one let me know that do we get the confirmation of the receipt of administrative review from the Embassy.


  24. i also got refused 2 time from ukba first time i had applied and got refused your educational documetnts wast not attestd.and i got attestd and after 1 month i applied again.and i got interivew and i got refused cause they said you didnt study in 4 study gap was 4 year,so tell me adivce what should i do?

  25. please email me what should i do?do i go

  26. good day guys, pls i just want to confirm if it is possible to apply for administrative review for visitors visa. i made an application but the ECO made a mistake by reducing my salary with more than N100,000.00 b/c of that he/she returned my application refused.
    kindly advice

  27. if an applicant didnot go for correction against review within 28 days, can he/she make a new application after some time?

  28. You should go in for AR forget about days and weeks. I heard but not sure a student can lodge AR upto 90 days.
    Just attached a cover letter explaining reason for delay. Like your consultant was on a way, you was out of city due to health problem... Like this.??? etc.
    Wish you GOOD LUCK

  29. Do not accept the ECO language which they are writing now days in subcontinent.Every one should have to lodge the AR against ECO refusal. You should told them mind your language and do not do like foolish. bad luck quite few well educated could not understand their professional language.
    Please read the refusal letter carefully, again and again as ENGLISH is your 2nd language.
    With Best Wishes

  30. Yours Sincerely,
    Entry Clearance Manager
    General Comments For Request Of Review;
    I do not consider that you have provided a reasonable eaxplnation to address the ECO's concerns.
    In the light of this I am satisfied that the ECO has correctly assessed your application under the genuine student rule and there are justifiable concerns to doubt your intention as a student. I am satisfied the decision has been made in accordance with the immigration Rules and the decision to refuse your application is upheld.
    This is normally 97% decision.

    1. My Sincerely,
      Entry Clearance Manager

      I do not consider that you are genuine student.

      I am satisfied that the ECO has correctly assessed your application under the genuine student rule, therefore the decision to refuse your application is upheld.

    2. The ECO BHC India, Pakistan, Bangladash.
      I do not consider that you are genuine student
      Please set a set for issuing CAS so each can save money & time wastage.
      No VISA Fee.
      No Colleges Registration Fee.
      UK/UKBA Please; Do not guilty for money.

  31. UK VISA Without Delay Within 10 Working Days.
    You believe that the point-based system are processing carelessly and without GOD Fear & responsibility.The UK border agency has been said if you meet the requirements your visa will be granted,but this is a lie.The ECO refuse your application with illogical reasons.Then you have to wait for the administrative review for a while. Sorry but if you do not tolerate the international students,Please do not wast our time and do not collect our money.This is unfair....Actually UKBA International Department is an UK Industry which collect money through the world in the order of VISA Fee £380.00 To £1100.00. The World Best Industry 75% SAVING

    1. The best assessment.
      We am agree with your statement;
      The World Best Industry???
      UKBA + UBKA International Department.
      Well Done.

    2. UK is known as The Country Of Human Right.
      But they are guilty for VISA Fee.

    3. This unfair attitude of the British High Commission waists the precious time of the students + money and on the other hand it discourages the students so much so that their future plans are vanished forever.
      UKBA lease...............

  32. i applied visa under tier 4 point based system but my visa was refused by saying that they didnot got my citizenship certificate and sponsership letter from father(bank account holder) in my application. But the documents was there when i get the refused application. What kind of decision is this withou seeing full documents how can they resuse visa???

  33. sushil :

    i applied visa under tier 4 point based system but my visa was refused by saying that they didnot got my citizenship certificate and sponsership letter from father(bank account holder) in my application. But the documents was there when i get the refused application. What kind of decision is this withou seeing full documents how can they resuse visa??? now its been three days that i have courired my document for AR. can i get visa now??

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  35. Hi, My Visa was Refused because i have shown the Statement by taking Loan from the bank, they said that your statement is not 28 days older but in the Rules it was that if we are taking loan for supporting our Statement then it should not be necessary to have it 28 days older, Now i have applied for Admin Review EXPERT can you tell me what chances i have to get my VISA Kindly Reply fast !!!!!

    1. According to new rule you must have 28 days old Bank loan. this rule is introduce more than 3 month ago

    2. Faisal Gulzar Thanks For the Reply...
      If the Rule has been changed then why not it was uploaded on the UK Border Website ???
      My Consltant has suggested me to apply for admin Review Now What do you Think i have do to ?? Kindly Reply Fast

    3. I have applied on 27/Marach/2013 For admin review Still no Answer was there??? Please Guide me

  36. yaha se kohe Reply bhi krta ha yah nhe

  37. i have appllied for UK Tier-4 Visa but my visa was refused with illogical reasons then i applied for Admin Review but its been more than 2 and half months,no Reply from them

  38. My visa has been refused under paragraph 245V(k)-not a genuine a student. I have been studying and living in London for the last 9 years. Mt whole life is there. I am still paying rent for my flat and all my stuff, including my cat. I do have a boyfriend there of 9 years, they know that as they asked me at the interview. But I do want a qualification too and we are not ready to married. My questions are 1) the course is starting in a few days now, is it worth sending the AR? 2)Is there any Human rights ground that I can use in this case as I really want to get back and at least sort my life out and take my stuff. Thank you very much for anyone who can help me with this. All the best.

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  62. Guys can you tel me 0512069017 is uk embassy number because am waiting about 6 mounts for my administrative review decision.Embassy not give any responce am still waiting ..

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. My brother an indian national got refused family visitor visa under 360 as he by mistake didn't mention about his refusal for Australia in 2009, he thought in form they asking for uk refusals so he ticked NO although he had refusal stamp on his passport the officer picked up the mistake n refused him aswel in refusal they wrote why no sponsor letter. . so instead of appealing we chose to reapply, a sponsor letter was then sent to my brother aswel he attached a statutory for the mistake he did.. .. He been to UK before on a short visit which shows hez not an overstayer. he attached an affidavit in his second application mentioning it was a human error, that he thought the question was only for UK refusal. On his passport he had australian stamp anyway if he wAnted to lie n hide anything he would hav got new passport n applied. This time On the second refusal they gave only limited appeal. V now hired a solicitor n thru the court we sent the case for AR to BHC new delhi. What could be outcome? Any comments?

  65. Hi guys
    My name is awais n I'm from Pakistan.
    I submitted my AR on 21oct2013 but still I'm waiting for ans.
    I got 40 points,my paper work was excellent .but eco refused my visa bcoz he don't think I'm genuine student....he stated in refusal letter that why u applied only one college.
    Plz tell me wat to do?
    It's better that if I withdraw my case aur submit new application with fee....
    Plz help me


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