Scholarship in the UK for international students

Most of the international students look for scholarship in the UK to fund their studies because the tuition fees in the UK are somewhat high as compared to other European countries.
In the field of scholarship, the UK has a lot to offer. There are various organisations offering scholarship to the international students studying in the UK. But all this depend upon the selection criteria of the scholarship awarding institution. There are some scholarships reserved for the students of certain nationalities and on the other hand there are funds available to all nationals. I mean to say that there may be a good option available to you but all you have to do is to look for the scholarship suitable to you.
There are some scholarships schemes awarding funds that cover all the costs related to the study of a student while on the other hand there are scholarships covering only the tuition fee or the half of it. All this depends upon the awarding body and its policies.
The universities and colleges in the UK also offer scholarships to the students enrolled. So you can search the website of a certain university or college for available funds. Such types of scholarships are easily available to the students of the institute and thus the competition is low for such awards.
The selection criteria vary for each type of award so a student must be familiar with the requirements for a certain scheme. A student must know about the dates and deadlines for the award he/she is interested in. Remember, that some schemes require you to submit your application one year before you start your study. So you should give full consideration to the dates or you may waste your time.
So if you want to study in the UK and need scholarship for your study then you should go through the following link, as this link contains a list of the most high awarding scholarships schemes in the UK.
Click here to go to the list of scholarships available in the UK
If you want to look for scholarship in a certain university then you should go to the list of all universities in the UK and search the website of your favourite university.

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