The Processing time and Administrative Review for UK student visa

Almost each and every day we face students asking about how much time does the administrative Review for the UK student visa takes to be processed.

This topic has been in discussion since the UK Border Agency has started the new TIER-4 Points Based system for UK visa. According to this system the right to appeal against the UK student visa refusal has almost been abolished and one can say that a student has no right to appeal against the UK student visa refusal- outside the UK but to apply for an Administrative Review of the refusal decision. However, a student does have the right to appeal against the decision in certain cases. For information about the appeal click here…….

Here we are to discuss the time frame for the Administrative Review. For basic information about AR click here…….

The UK Border Agency says that the Administrative Review is processed within 28 days and if there is some more time required then the applicant will be informed in written form. So according to this statement of the UKBA an applicant should either get the result within 28 days or some information about the reason for the delayed process. The statement of the UKBA about the processing time for the Administrative Review has been quoted below.

“We will aim to let you have the result of the review within 28 days. If, in exceptional circumstances, we are unable to complete the Administrative Review within 28 days we will notify you in writing as to when to expect a decision.”

But we are sorry to say that there are hundreds of students lamenting the behavior of the UKBA in this regard. Most of our students complain that even after passing the period of 28 days they have received neither the result nor any other sort of answer from the Agency. There are some students waiting for months-but still no answer. Following are some of the examples taken from the comments of the students who are waiting for there Administrative Reviews.

1. Why is there no option to check the status of the admin review?

All that is stated on the tier 4 guidelines is a lewtter will be mailed. within 28 days / i submitted mine last Sep 3 ,2009 and today is Nov 3 , i have no update still.

2. i'm a bit confused in respect of how many days the administrative review takes to be decided.

3. I filed my administrative review its more than 28 days ..I filed it last Sept 30 and until now i havent received any notification of the status of my application...

4. i applied for AR on september 18,2009 and after two days 3 months will complete and i don't received any mail in my mail box or junk folder. i daily chk my mail box. i also mailed to british embassy 2 weeks before but still no reply.

This doesn’t mean that this happened or may happen to all the applicants but this shows that there are some students suffered and some still to suffer.

However, we hope that the UKBA may set some standards for the time an Administrative Review application may take and if there is any such standard, then why not act so??????


  1. hi what is the admin review timeframe ?
    i have submitted my admin review on 24feb,2014 and still upto 20may,2014 i have not recived the outcome of m admin review,but I recived email 3 weeks ago saying that u will be contacted as soon as decission has been made!
    now I am quite worried about my admin review after passing about 3 months I am sitll waiting for response.
    please somebody help me what should I do ???

    1. Jabar khan, you should wait and hope for the best.
      you can read a post on the left side of the blog titled as "Delay in Administrative Review".
      Best of luck

    2. Hi Jabar i am facing same this situation would you like to tell me why you got refused your visa?

  2. Hi me Wasif i submitted my admin review request on 10 February 2014 and i am still waiting for final decision. I have sent e.mail to embassy many time but they answered me each time "please wait your request is being handled in our office" please tell me what should i do. .

  3. Hello All,
    I am facing the same issue. Could anyone tell that what is the email address where I can send an email to get the update about my AR status or is there any direct line where I can call?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. I have arrange my administrative review through uk experts experince advocates i have forward my appeal to british high commission islamabad.......
    my refuesal on hes not geniune student......bit mistake i said its english language corss .....ECO stated that its an english learning skills to full fill the bussines managment......and she refused another side she stated that em satisfied wid them.....plz tell is that posible i got my answer wid in.28 days 13 days agoo no answer

  5. Regards danial awan

  6. Danial me Wasif plz contact me on this number 03322333314.

  7. my lawer submitted my Administrative Review on 17 May 2017 , i have waited for 35 working day i dont get any new

    1. Hi Brian Cheng,

      I was wondering if you got your result for your ADMIN REVIEW already. I'm curious, because I have submitted mine on the 21st of July and it's been more than their due date.


    2. I have applied in December and first email they said further investigation going on. Second email they asked my business plan still waiting for the outcome..?? any suggestions. Please