Breaking NEWS, Judiciary Vs Pak Army

Yes, a skirmish occurred in Peshawar between Judiciary and Pak-Army Personnels. It is reported that on 05/12/2012 a Bailif from the Court of a Civil Judge Peshawar, namely Saima Irfan, carrying court warant issued against the principal of Army Publica School Pehawar was stopped by the security guards with the help of loaded guns, at the very gate of the school. Alongwith the bailif was the police ASI, Constables and a  lady constable of the concerned Police Satation as was directed by the court to help the Bailif to arrest the Principle. The soldiers of Pak-Army did not bothered to receive either the notice or to give any considerable explanation/reason and thus the Police alongwith the Bailif of the District Judiciary Peshawar had to come back without any proceedings. The Bailif said they were stopped at the door of the school and a Subaidar ordered the security to shoot anyone who would try to enter the school without his permission.
After that when the judge came to know about the incident from the reports of the Bailif of the court, She called the Commanding Officer Peshawar Cantt in explantion and the Subaidar concerned was directed to appear personally in the court on next date. Meanwhile the Principal of the Army Public School is to be served through Non Bailable Warrant of Arrest through CCPO, Peshawar for 08/12/2012.
Problems do occure in Pakistan but such types of NEWS are very heart breaking for the Pakistanis as they regard both the institutions with utmost regard. Such types of collisions should be avoided between Judiciary  Vs Pak Army because these two are the only two bodies Pakistanis have a trust in.
This has been an alarming NEWS for the people of Pakistan that Judiciary has started a cold war against Pak-Army. There are millions of people who knowledge the sacrifices of Pak-Army and the are of the view that the judicial system in Pakistan is to preserve the corrupt and the criminal of the country. Judiciary in Pakistan is considered as a spider web through which the strong ones pass very easily and the innocent are often caught due to their failure of being unaware of how to  be corrupt or criminal.
On the other hand their are people who EXPECT something from Judiciary, but this should be kept in mind that the judicial system is so much polluted and complex that often it is said that " a lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit."
Such acts need to be stopped in future if both the departments are serious in the welfare of the state. 

Both must regard each other and should not try to overcome or to overtake the other side.
I being a Pakistani want to see both of them play their role within the given limits.

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