Information on the UK student visa

The UK student visa

Every student needs complete and updated information on the UK student visa before making any application so take time to prepare your case for wining the UK student visa, as more often we have seen that a student gets refused because of lack of relevant information or documentation.

If a student is not from Switzerland or EEA (European Economic Area), then he/she needs a student visa before entering the UK.

A visa is a certificate that is put into passport or travel document of the student, by an Entry Clearance Officer at a British mission overseas. With that visa a student can enter the UK.

So in order to get your UK student visa you must satisfy the British mission in your home country by arranging all the requirements for the visa. You can apply for your UK student visa by post, by courier, in person or online. The application process is not the same for all countries. So you should consult the British diplomatic office in you own country for the updated information and the application procedure for the UK student visa.
To meet the criteria for student visa you must prove that you have received
an acceptance letter or letter of admission from a public or private university or college and that your full-time degree course involves at least 15 hours of organised daytime study a week.
You must also prove that you can pay for your course, as well as support and accommodate yourself, without working in the UK or help from public funds; and that you will leave the United Kingdom after you complete the studies. You can show your funds through
bank statement.
if you have got any
scholarship and the scholarship is enough to cover all costs of your studies then you don’t need to show any bank statement.
There may be thousands of visa applications, so try to provide all the relevant information in your application accurately because the visa officers can not spend more time on your application. It is your duty to present your case for winning your VISA.
Visa refusal is not based on your documents or your academic record only. Heaps of resources and admission in a top ranking university will not guarantee your visa. The visa officer also pays attention to your motive behind your application. If your objective is to study in the UK and to come back to your country after the completion of your studies, you can win a visa by providing all the relevant information to the embassy. The visa officers may ask you a few questions or see your documents to observe your plan behind getting the visa.
If unfortunately your visa is refused, you will get a written notice explaining the reason for the refusal. To make sure that the visa officers have made a fair decision, an Entry Clearance Manager will often review the decision within 24 hours. In some cases, you will have the right to
appeal against the decision. Appealing the decision is free. The types of application for which you have a right to appeal are set out in UK law. If your visa is refused you will be informed if you have a right to appeal and about the appealing procedure.
For further information on the UK study visa consult the links below

The UK Border Agency has introduced a new UK student visa system called TIER-4 or points based system. Click here for check list or the UK student visa requirements.

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