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The UK Study Guide

The UK has been one of the top destinations to international education. With a society of excellent traditions and culture, the UK enjoys the honour of hosting high ranked educational institutions on the globe. Because of the high quality and standard, put by the well known Oxford and Cambridge, the UK has become one of the world’s best education providers.

Education in the UK has been very flexible and internationally accessible. This is the reason why every eager learner can quench his thirst and get admission in any relevant institute, because the United Kingdom has much to offer to international students that other English-speaking countries cannot.

In the uk study guide you will find all relevant information like admission in UK, UK study visa, scholarship in UK and information on IELTS.

So if you are a student or a researcher, looking for a suitable institute in UK, then you should go through this guide because it contains brief, authentic and updated pages, regarding all information you need for your study abroad in UK. All this has been provided in simple and easy manner so that you might do it by yourself without consulting any third party.

Get admission in UK

To get admission in a college or a university in the United Kingdom has never been a problem, because the educational institutions in UK are very versatile and one can find his course of study quite easily. Thousands of colleges and hundreds of universities all over the UK educate millions of international students.

In this guide you will find the official websites of all the universities and colleges in UK. So you can visit the website of your favorite institute and get the updated information about the admission requirements and the application procedure. For complete information search the link to your right.

Information on IELTS

As you know that the medium of instruction as well as the official language in UK is English. Therefore, it is very important that you should prove your English language capability- if English has not been your first language. You can prove your English language capability by taking the IELTS test.

Almost every educational institution in the United Kingdom asks for your IELTS test score for your admission to a course of study. There are some courses where the IELTS test score is not considered, but again it is highly recommended that you should take the test because it helps you in your visa documentation. So don’t take the risk and take the test. Complete information abut IELTS can be viewed on the link to the right.


You can get scholarship in UK to fund your studies. A good number of scholarship/Funding opportunities are available in UK, to the international students from all over the world. These scholarships depend upon your eligibility. But don’t worry! In this guide you will find many scholarship links that you are eligible for. Just visit the link scholarship/funding to the right.

Get UK study visa

Students from the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland do not need permission (visa) to study in the UK.

However, Students from all other countries need UK study visa, before they enter the United Kingdom. So if need visa, you can apply for it, after you have received your admission or acceptance letter from an educational institute in the UK.

You may find complete information on “where to apply for the UK study visa” and “how to apply for the UK study visa” in the link (UK study visa).

Good luck!

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