The new Tier 4 POINT-BASED SYSTEM for UK student visa


With the introduction of the new Tier 4 POINT-BASED SYSTEM, the UK migration laws have changed and it is important for every interested student to get the updated information about the changes in the immigration rules.

If you are a genuine student and want to study abroad in the UK then you should be happy because the new rules are student friendly and the system is soft and easy to follow, as compared to that existed in the past.

Gone are the days when every one could get admission in a so-called college in the UK and could apply for student visa and this was the main reason that there was a great rush in the British High Commissions abroad. And in such hustle and bustle a genuine student was often rejected, so it was very difficult for a student to get visa.

Now with the new Tier 4 POINT-BASED SYSTEM only a true student would be able to study abroad in the UK approved Universities and Colleges.

The new Tier 4 POINT-BASED SYSTEM says that a student has to earn 40 points before applying for the UK student visa.

An acceptance/admission letter from a recognized university or college in the UK earns 30 points for a student. The education provider in the UK college/university, who has offered a place/admission to the student, is the sponsor of the student. He/she is called sponsor because he/she sends an acceptance letter also called visa letter to the student interested. But keep this in mind that this letter is not the guarantee for visa. This is a letter containing some basic information about the applicant. This letter is to be sent to the British High Commission along with your visa application for your student visa. The sponsor has to be registered with the UK Border Agency.

Register of Sponsors Licensed Under the Points-Based System (Tier 4 only).

To earn the remaining 10 points a student has to show that he/she has enough funds to cover the cost of the study period. These funds may be proved in the form of bank statement, scholarship or student loan etc.

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