Why study in the UK?

Now a days that every student wants to study in the UK but the question is, why UK or why study in the UK? There are a lot of facts involved in this topic but the foremost of these facts is that the educational institution within the UK are the best education providers on the planet and thus the degrees they award are of high value and acceptable throughout the globe.

The traffic of international students curved towards the UK after the 9/11 attacks when the US immigration laws became tougher for international students and thus the UK started receiving more and more international students as they ( the students) have been an important factor in their economy.

On the other hand the education cost for international students in the UK is low if compared to that in the USA and there are dozens of bodies awarding scholarships to the international students in the UK.

The UK visa process as compared to that of the USA is soft. A student can easily get his/her UK study visa if he/she can arrange all the required documents in addition to a valid acceptance letter from a recognized educational institute

In addition to all this, the international students in the UK are allowed to work while studying. An international student is allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during the school time, and up to full-time during vacations. However, it is neither easy nor good for a student to work while studying. Therefore, all the international students should have funds to cover all sorts of costs, at least for their first year in the UK.

The multicultural society of the UK has much more for you to see and enjoy. whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew or Muslim. You are welcome!
Now if somebody asks you why study in the UK? You should answer; why not study in the UK?

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