My Swedish study visa got refused

Yes, it is true that my Swedish study visa got refused and I am puzzled to think what is the reason behind all this?
The Swedish migration board (migrationsverket) refused my visa without any explanation. I am not using the phrase ‘proper explanation’ because there was no explanation at all, in the refusal letter that I received from the board.
I had heard that the Swedish migration board awards visa to all students who are admitted to a state university or university college and can show all the relevant documents needed with the application for visa – along whit the bank statement. But all this is not true because I got the negative answer even after fulfilling all the visa requirements. My application form and the whole visa case was thoroughly checked by myself, my friends, an education consultant and the Fed-Ex representative but even then all this came to nothing.
It means that the Swedish migration board has changed its policy and now we can expect some shameful and dishonest decisions against the students of some countries. In other words you may call it a ‘clear discrimination’ of the Swedish migration board.
If a student gets admission in a state university and fulfills all the visa requirements, then why don’t they award the visa? This is the question that has troubled me?
I am a student of English Literature with a master degree in the field from the University of Peshawar. I have proved my ability with IELTS and I had secured admission in the University of Kalmar in Sweden in the English programme, but even then they refused my visa saying that you have already done a Master degree in English and the programme you are to study in Sweden is at undergraduate level. I can’t understand what do they mean by all this but I do understand that the programme I had selected was according to my needs. I was to draw something of that programme as that course was very intensive in its mood and that could prove a good start for my higher studies in the same subject.
Yes, today I do remember the Fed-Ex representative who told me that the embassy will never award you visa because your selected programme of study is considered to be just a language course. I told him that the programme includes Literature, Linguistics and conferencing for the students but even then he refused to take my application. Then I called the Embassy of Sweden in Islamabad and inquired about the problem but they told me to submit the application the very next day. They also informed the Fed-Ex about the matter and all this was done just to make me silent and nothing more. But at last, they did it, they refused my visa and today I am thankful to the Fed-Ex representative for his frank remarks but I am sorry that I could not act upon what he suggested.
So what do you learn form my story? If you want to help students like me then Please share your experience/story in the comments.

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