Is TOEFL certificate accepted for Australian student visa?

I was amazed to see that TOEFL is not accepted for Australian student visa. The Australian High commission says that the only accepted English Language test certificate is that of IELTS.
Every student know that IELTS and TOEFL are the best known tests for English language but there are some countries that only accept IELTS from the British council as a proof of English language ability of a student. On the other hand there are some countries where both of these tests are acceptable and it doesn’t matter whether a student provide IELTS or TOEFL certificate. But in the case of Australian visa, it does matter and it is clear that a student can’t have a student visa without showing IELTS certificate and TOEFL means nothing in the Australian High Commission.
However, this is the choice of the Australian Commission abroad to Accept or reject certain tests but a student has to do what he/she has to do.
Not only for student visa but for admission in a University or College in Australia, a student is required to produce IELTS certificate. However the score requirements are different for some universities and colleges but for the High Commission a student has to have the required band/score. I mean that the acceptance or admission letter means nothing for the High Commission if the test score is lower than what is required by the Commission.
 Following is the IELTS test score required for different level of study.

Diploma ( 5.5)

Bachelor, Graduate Diploma,
Masters degree, Doctorate (6.0)

So take the IELTS test first if you are interested in studying abroad in Australia because applying for Australian student visa without IELTS is just a waste of time and nothing more.
The criteria could be different or could be changed for a country. So it is good to visit the Australian High Commission in your country for more and updated information.
The information that I provided are general and not specific to a country.


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