New rules to reduce the UK student visa ratio

Yes, finally the UK announced some new rules to reduce student visa ratio. These rules require no legislation and are to come in force within a few weeks.

This could be the most shocking news story of the week for the students looking for their higher education in the UK as there is no support for the students in this new review but the rules are going to be tougher and tougher so that the international students may suffer and suffer.

The new rules are to be imposed upon all the international students outside the European territory but Last week, the UK suspended student visa application from the Northern India, Bangladesh and Nepal following a sharp decrease in awarding student visas to Pakistani students.

Thus, this is quite obvious that the students particularly from South Asia are to face the new dilemma and if you are an optimist then you should believe the Home Office spokesman who said "It's a general tightening up of the system, it's not aimed at any area in particular."

According to the new rules each and every student coming to the UK have to prove English language skills above beginner level and presently there is no exemption i.e. the level and subject of study does not matter.

Secondly, a student on short course to the UK would be permitted to work for 10 hours a week instead of 20 and bring no dependents to the UK and that the Dependants of students on courses below degree level will not be allowed to work.

This new policy is a part of the programme controlling migration.
But why the UK government wants to reduce the student visa ratio? This is now the most important question click here to read more…….


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