The UK government to control immigration

This is now quite clear that the UK government has finally decided to control the increasing immigration to the state. Nobody is going to blame the UK Border Agency for the tougher immigration/visa rules that has been imposed from time to time because this is a fact that after 9/11 the UK started receiving a large number of immigrants as the visa procedure to the USA became very complex. The UK has been one of the favourite destinations for the international students after the USA. So we can say that the students looking for their higher education in either state are to suffer now because of the tightened rules for entry to these two countries. The English language and the quality of education in the UK and the USA are the foremost factors that attracted the international students from all over the world and especially Asia.

The international students contributed a lot to the UK labour market but now that the world is suffering from the global economic crisis and unemployment has been witnessed in some of the worlds richest countries (including the UK), the UK no more needs the cheap labour being provide by the international students because its own nationals come first. It is for this reason that the UK government has decided not to allow students on short courses to work for 20 hours a week but for 10 hours only and they would not be allowed to bring any of the dependents to the UK. Secondly the dependents of the student on courses below degree level will not be allowed to work.

The UK Border Agency in this connection says
“Migration has brought benefits to this country, but we need to control it carefully in order to minimise its impacts on public services and communities.”

We make no complaints against all this as they reserve the right to control immigration by bringing in new changes for the goodwill of the nation but we request that the genuine students should not be harassed by introducing new amendments after amendments.

Secondly, we request that the processing time for the UK student visa/student visa appeal and the Administrative Review should be standardized so that the students may not waste their precious time by walking to and from the streets of the British High Commission.

Click here if you want to know more about the new rules introduced.

Note please; here we are to discuss UK student visa only and not any other sort of visa.

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