Biometric data for UK student visa

On 7 February 2005, the government of the United Kingdom announced that the UK Border Agency would collect biometric details from all candidates who wish to apply for visa.

This law is to be imposed on all sorts of applicants without any discrimination of nationality. So applicants of all nationalities are now required to provide their biometric details. Only the Head of State and children under five are exempted.

For your biometric data you have to provide a scan of all your 10 fingers and a full-face digital photograph. These details are compulsory because your application would not be processed if you apply for visa without your biometric details and you have to provide all such details in person.

Such details help you protecting your identity from any sort of theft. These details will be stored in the central government database of the United Kingdom and thus your identity will not be mistaken for another person with the same name.

So if you want to apply for visa then you have to go through this process and remember that all this takes only a few minutes because you have to place your fingers on a scanner and have to take a digital photo and that’s all.

For to collect your biometrics before apply for visa, you should visit the British Mission or its commercial partners in your city. In some cases your own government can help you in this regard. However it is good that you ask the British council in your country if you are not sure where to go for all this because they are always ready to help you and to solve your problems related to the British High Commission.

In most countries there are special arrangements for females who want to provide their biometrics before they apply for visa.

So if you want to apply for visa then you must provide your biometric data.

Wishing you good luck!

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