Tuberculosis test for UK visa

Nationals of some countries are required to produce a Tuberculosis (TB) health certificate before they apply for visa. For this certificate the applicant must be tested for Tuberculosis (TB) at certified health centre or hospital run by the International Organisation for Migration. This test includes a chest X-ray.

If you want to apply for visa with your wife/husband and children then you need to produce the TB clearance certificates of all those members of your family.

Remember that only certificates issued by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) will be acceptable for your visa and if you fail to produce the TB test, your visa will be refused and you will be given no right to get your application fee refunded.

Pregnant women are exempted from chest X-ray - they will be given an optional sputum smear test.

After you get the test result that you are free from infectious TB, you will be given a TB health certificate, by the IOM clinic, and this certificate is valid for full six months. You should submit this certificate with your application for visa in the normal way and bring it with you to the UK, as you will be asked for this certificate at the air port.

If unfortunately, your test shows that you are suffering from infectious TB then you will not be allowed to apply for visa. Then you should seek treatment and after a successful treatment, when you get a certificate that you are free from infectious TB, you can apply for visa.

Presently, nationals of Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, Sudan, Tanzania and Thailand are required to produce TB clearance certificate before they apply for visa.

To check whether you need this certificate and for further information, please visit the UK Visas website

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