Sponsor for UK student visa

Every student applying for UK student visa needs a sponsor.

You now that a student must have an acceptance or admission letter from a recognized college or university in the UK, before he/she apply for visa.

A student cannot apply for visa without the letter of admission from a sponsor in the UK because without this letter of admission the visa application will not be processed.

Now under the new TIER-4- POINTS BASED SYSTEM this letter of admission is also called a visa letter. But bear this in mind that this letter is not the guarantee that a student will get visa. This is a proof that a student has been admitted to a certain program of study in the particular university or college and this letter must be sent along with the application for visa to the British High Commission.

The education provider in the UK who has offered you a place of study at a university or college in the UK or you can say that the person who has sent you the letter of admission is your sponsor.

He/she is called the sponsor of the student only for sending  acceptance letter or letter of admission.

The sponsor needs to have registered with the UK Border Agency as a licensed sponsor. All licensed sponsors are responsible personalities and they need to meet the requirements for the particular category within  TIER 4 system.

They are rated A or B by the UK Border Agency. The rating is transitional and it means that the sponsor is helping the Agency in improving the system.

If you want to check whether your education provider has a licence then  click here

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