Is Sweden a student friendly country?

Most of our students want to know whether Sweden is a student friendly country or not. This is not an easy question to be answered in a simple sentence because there are arguments on both sides and no one could answer with simple “Yes” or “No”.
However it is a fact that Sweden is a growing destination for students from all over the world because the state of Sweden is striving hard to facilitate the international students and to give them some pleasant memories when they go back to there homelands.
While solving this puzzle we have to accept the fact that Sweden is about to overtake UK and Australia because we have seen students complaining about the visa problems and the big monster “the mounting tuition fees” in the UK and Australia.
Keep in mind; we have not mentioned the education in USA because after 9/11, it is almost impossible for the students of some countries to get a US study visa.
We have reports from students saying that the states of UK and Australia are selling education rather than providing education. This clearly means that education in these countries is a business rather then a service to humanity.
In past, most of the international students were directed towards the UK and Australia because only in those countries all study programmes were available in English language which was the language readily accepted to the international students. Here we do not mean that other countries did not provide study programmes taught in English but we want to make it clear that there was a limit to such programmes.
Now thanks to the Swedish education policy makers that there are a lot of (more than 500) programmes available in English language for international students and all for free. Yes, there is no tuition fee. Once again thanks to them for taking these bold steps. This is what we call “serving humanity”. This is the greatest ever contribution in the field of education and it shows the greatness of the state of Sweden. There is no discrimination in their system and all students are given equal opportunities to quench their thirst.
While discussing student visa problems we have seen that the UK and the USA are the top most countries mocking the wishes of international students. Before getting visa a student has to go through a tiresome procedure and the response is often in the reverse. For most nationals it is just killing time and nothing more. On the other hand the Swedish visa procedure is the soft most procedure of the glob and a student can easily get study visa if he/she meets all the requirements. However in the year 2008 and 09 we have reports that some students visas were rejected by the Swedish migration board even after the students met all the visa requirements. This may lead towards defame on the part of Sweden but we hope that the state of Sweden may take a notice of all this and may try to satisfy the students.
The standard of education in Sweden is high and high as compared to that in the UK and Australia because there are colleges and universities in the UK and Australia selling degrees to international students and this is shameful news in the field of education.
In the UK you can expect thousands of ghost colleges selling degrees.
While in Sweden each and every student has to satisfy the institution otherwise he/she will not be granted an extension in the visa.
I may go no further but give you a chance to express your experience whether you think Sweden a student friendly country or not. If you have anything in your mind/memories, just write it in the comments below and I would appreciate your efforts.
It would be of high value if you write about the problems a student faces while in Sweden.

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